Discover the Future of
Managed Service Providers
with the “4Plays Digital MSP” White Paper

In the era of Everything as a Service (XaaS), the technology landscape is undergoing a radical transformation. Businesses seek to leverage the power of digital transformation to stay competitive, yet they often face a critical challenge: how to effectively apply emerging technologies to address their business priorities?

4Plays Digital MSP stands at the forefront of this epochal change, guiding Managed Service Providers (MSPs) through a metamorphosis from mere solution resellers to strategic consultants and success enablers for their clients. Through an innovative and forward-looking approach, our White Paper presents an in-depth study based on research conducted on over 1000 European Microsoft partners from 2019 to 2024, unveiling the new frontier awaiting MSPs.

What You Will Learn:


The Necessary Transformation:

Understand the essential transition from a product-centric model to a service-oriented approach, laying the groundwork to become a trusted advisor and success enabler for your clients.

Beyond Selling:

Discover how to shift from a sales mindset to one of strategic collaboration, focusing on value co-creation and developing long-term partnerships with clients.

Tackling Challenges:

Explore the key challenges MSPs must overcome to adapt to this new era, including mindset shift, skillset evolution, and the integration of business design tools.

Pragmatic Actions:

Receive concrete and pragmatic recommendations for transforming your MSP organization, implementing a customer success framework, and leveraging data and analytics to anticipate client needs.

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