At 4Plays Digital:

We enable
partners sales acceleration

and GTM transformation, connecting insights to execution

The IT market is changing fast.
Customers expectations are shifting to new service models. We help traditional resellers take advantage of this market transformation to grow their service consumption business and become true Managed Service providers. We enable partners to capture new profit pools by developing the capabilities. We help their build their competitive weapon so that they can deliver a leading customer transformation experience.

Why work with us:

  • We start with your Market Opportunity and your strategy to address it.
  • We then help you accelerate your sales execution in line with your strategy.
  • Our Success framework helps you prioritize / measure “Where to play / How to win”
  • We bring over 25 years experience in channel sales execution.

Our Offering: Capability Benchmarking

We are specialized in running large surveys with IT partner across several European countries.
Based on the results of our surveys, we help partners benchmark their competitive capabilities
in their Willingness and Ability to Execute a business transformation and to become Managed Service Providers.

Consumption Sales Acceleration Online Workshops

Consumption Sales Acceleration Online Workshops:
In this workshop you will explore the opportunity to develop further your Managed Service Provider offering. By the end of the workshop: You will get a better understanding of the opportunity. You will be able to map your execution towards subscription business success and get a series of execution tools such as “Managing the Sales Force” and “Customer journey mapping”.

IT Partner Sales Consulting and Transformation Coaching

A customized IT partner engagement to help accelerate the partner’s IT consumption sales. We look at his Key Success factors and show stoppers. Offering best practices to address them. Such as sales compensation plans, lack of consumptions sales training, Management Tools, strengthening their journey to MSP.

MooC Development

(a “MooC” is a Massive Online Open Course)

4Plays Digital is a leading MooC developer and provider for IT Channel partners in Europe.
With Covid 19, companies have increasingly turned to MooCs to advance their customer engagement and employee education. Please contact us to know more about our offering.

Our Methodology:



Our 4-Steps Methodology to Accelerate Partners’ Sales:

  1. Identify their capability Gaps vs our IT Partner capability benchmark
  2. Define their Managed Services growth strategy 
  3. Map their 3-steps Journey for customer success 
  4. Create their Managed Service Provider Execution and Operational Plan

We deliver:

  • A Market Benchmark for IT Partners
  • IT Consumption Sales BattleCards
  • Consumption Operational KPI & Execution Framework
  • Simple Sales Tools to identify and qualify consumption opportunities
  • Customer discussion scripts


Registered office:
Piazza Matteotti 7, 28921 Verbania (VB)

Main office:
Viale Cembrano 2, 16147 Genova (GE) Italia

Phone: +39 346 6027541
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